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There are multiple projects hosted on SourceForge. Each SourceForge project may contain one or more projects. The xenei SourceForge project is the root project and contains the base shared components and the incubator. All other projects are considered children of the project. All children utilize the CVS module of the xenei project. They may also use the util module.

The xenei project incubator CVS module is a place for new projects to be developed before they are spun off as child projects.

All SourceForge projects will have the following structure: SourceForg project name/xenei project name/[docs|src||bin||webapp].

For example the SourceForge imago project has the following directories: /imago/imago/ , /imago/imago/docs, /imago/imago/src , /imago/imago/webapp , /imago/imagoX/ , /imago/imagoX/docs , ...

All projects will separate unit test code from the main deployment code. The test code will be defined in a separate package and shipped as a separate jar. This reduces the minimal deployment package and external jar requirements for people wanting only to deploy a working version of the code.


Xenei projects will use the SourceForge provided CVS repositories for code development At all times the Head of the CVS will contain the most recent release or release candidate. All development must be made outside of the trunk on a Branch . The name of the branch will be at the developers discretion as long as it does not conflict with another branch already is use. The CVS branch mechanism may also be used to keep the development server configurations from overwriting the release configurations.

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