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Xenei.root variable

Once the project directories have been created, Eclipse should be configured so it can locate everything. To do this select Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Classpath Variables. Add a XENEI_ROOT variable that points to the Xenei.root directory. All Eclipse references to jar files in the Xenei.root/lib directory should be made via this variable.

Ant setup in Eclipse

We have found some system configurations when running Ant on a build.xml file Ant cannot find the Java compiler. The project may compile correctly inside Eclipse, but when a build.xml is right-clicked and Run Ant... is selected the subsequent build will fail.

One solution:

  • In Eclipse, go to Window -> Preferences -> Ant -> Runtime.
  • On the Classpath tab on the right side, in the upper portion titled Runtime classpath, click Add JARs....
  • Traverse to the location of your Java SDK lib directory, select the file tools.jar, then click Open.

Check Eclipse project properties

Ensure your environment is setup correctly:

  • Open the Java Perspective.
  • Right-click on each project in the current development environment and select its Properties.
  • For the Java Build Path options:
    • Under the Projects tab ensure that all necessary dependent projects are checked (e.g. utilTest requires util).
    • Under the Libraries tab make sure all libraries referenced with the XENEI_ROOT variable are available.
    • If a library is missing, click Add Variable, select XENEI_ROOT, click Extend, expand the lib folder then select the appropriate jar file.
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