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A Xenei development environment may contain one or more projects. The environment is a completely self-contained unit where development can take place. There are several assumptions that went into the design of the environment:

  1. When working on one Xenei project a developer may wish to make modifications to underlying projects in order to fix bugs or provide support for new functionality.
  2. A developer may be working on two or more Xenei projects at one time. Those projects may not be at the same base revision level as the underlying projects.
  3. A developer may be working on multiple branches of the same Xenei project.
  4. There are a number of shared Ant scripts that support the Xenei projects and ensure that applications are built and packaged in a consistent manner.

Xenei.root directory

To support the objectives listed above the development environment has a single root directory. We will refer to this directory as Xenei.root within this document. Xenei.root is where all included Xenei projects will be checked-out of CVS or installed from product full release files. A developer may have more than one logical Xenei.root directory.

  • Create a directory to be used for Xenei.root .

The lib directory

A lib directory is needed under Xenei.root . All supporting jars should be placed in the Xenei.root/lib directory. Supporting jars include 3rd-party packages such as Apache log4j and other required libraries. The build process of the projects will add other files which are used by other Xenei projects.

  • Create directory Xenei.root/lib .

The directory

The directory is where all the shared Ant scripts and various README documents are stored. This directory is managed by CVS.

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