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Forms Extension is an implementation of a forms processor. Forms is an extensible HTTP GET/POST mechanism that provides field validation, validation error marking, and is resistant to hack attempts because Forms ignores valid input and extraneous input fields.

Forms was designed with these goals:
Goal Implementation
To create a single implementation for display, processing, and validation of form data. To achieve this goal the form validator creates a form or processes the input of the form during a GET or POST respectively. During a GET request each element is formatted and a standardized XML form is created. During a POST request the input is validated. If any errors exist the original input form is recreated with the users input as the default values and the fields in error are clearly marked.
To allow easy extensibility to create new form element types. To allow for extensibility each field type has a validator registered with the form validator. New field types may be implemented by registering a class derived from org.xenei.imagox.forms.FieldValidator. To provide input error checking.
Error checking is performed during a POST processing request and appropriate action taken. To resist hacking attempts. The entire processing of the Form is controlled by the original XML document, invalid user input and extraneous input fields are ignored.

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