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blends servlets with XML transforms. Imago provides access to the servlet environment from the XSLT extension elements framework of Xalan and the emerging standards. Imago is well suited for integration of web services to legacy systems.

imago : noun . [ im-ah-gO ] The final and perfect stage of an insect after it has gone through all of its metamorphoses, for example a butterfly as it emerges from its cocoon.

Imago offers several enhancements to the Xalan XSLT transform mechanism. In addition to providing for standard extensions written for Xalan, Imago provides:

  • Access to both the Xalan and Imago extended servlet environment.
  • Caching of documents and intermediate transforms. Various types of cache mechanisms are available, and custom caches may be implemented.
  • A mechanism to execute different transform pipelines based on the type of requesting client or device.

The ImagoX Extensions package is an optional group of standard and contributed Imago XSLT extensions. The standard extensions include a Counter, a Mail interface, and a Forms package. is an umbrella organization which is comprised of several projects. All projects are offered under the Academic Free License unless otherwise noted. Basically this license allows projects to be used freely for personal or commercial purposes.

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