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was formed to provide ongoing development and support of Open Source solutions. This project is the home of several Java projects, including the Xenei Utilities which are used by most projects.

xenei : noun . [zEn-I] Derived from the Greek word for hospitality. develops and promotes a collection of hospitable Open Source applications and tools.

As is common with many software developers, the members of the team have created various software components and tools over the years to solve real-world problems. These solutions are offered through , and its associated project sites, to enable others to use these applications and incorporate these tools into their projects and bag-of-tricks. Hopefully some people will choose to get involved and contribute their enhancements, extensions and ideas to make these solutions more powerful over time.

is an umbrella organization which is comprised of several projects. All projects are offered under the Academic Free License unless otherwise noted. Basically this license allows projects to be used freely for personal or commercial purposes. Please follow the guildelines for Trademark and logo usage. Most of the products you will find at are currently running in production environments.

All projects are 100% Pure Java™ unless otherwise noted.

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